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“We know, with a sudden jarring clarity that if we don’t go right now, we’re never going to do it. And we’ll be haunted by our unrealized dreams and know that we have sinned against ourselves gravely.” - Tim Cahill

It’s a scary thing I’ve decided to do: to quit my job and leave my life behind for awhile and travel all around the country by myself in my little car. To have an uncertain future. But I know that uncertainty and the unknown isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I feel sometimes like I’m in a constant conflict with it: I can‘t decide whether change and the uneasiness that comes with it is something to avoid or something to strive for. But the fear of uncertainty in our lives can be so crippling, I’ve got to wonder if the real mistake is letting that conflict slip away and allowing predictability and comfort to outweigh any benefit in the unknown.

Above anything else, the real reason that I’ve decided to take this journey is that I’m terrified of not doing it. Waiting too long. Waiting until my opportunity has passed and I either can’t leave or no longer want to go. And that fear outweighs anything else. That is what’s letting me leave my nice little life behind for awhile, and let my plants die, in the hope that maybe things will be better on the other side of this. Or at the very least that I won’t have regret.

Posted by Velora 17:00

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Wow! Look at you go! I'm so proud of sister! You are going to have a great time! You'll never forget this trip! You are such a good writer! I love your blog already!

by julielynn

I am bursting with pride! You are so brave and courageous for taking this step. Like when you fell out of the airplane - you are willing to risk security to truly be ALIVE.

Your prologue reminds me of a feisty strong willed girl who put her hands on her hip and proclaimed, "I can wif I want to!" You're too good, you're too smart - and you're not wasting it!

Your journal makes me feel as if I'm walking along with you, as we did on so many adventures like Coastwalk, Switzerland and our safari. You are not alone. My loving thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Now is your time to fly girl!

"And He will raise you up on eagles wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His hand.


by PPhillips

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